Game Theories - Signalling / 게임이론 - 신호게임

Game Theories - Repeated game, Treat / 게임이론 - 반복게임, 위협

The Efficient Market Hypothesis. “Investments” (Asia Global Edition ).

거시경제학의 미시경제적 기초: 소비이론 2️⃣ (소득효과,대체효과)

거시경제학의 미시경제적 기초 : 소비이론 1️⃣

Beyond The Hurdles

Chapter 4 Mutual Funds and Other Investment Companies. “Investments” ( Asia Edition ).

Chapter 3 : How Securities are Traded. “Investments” ( Asia Global Edition )

Game Theories - Cournot, Stackelberg / 게임이론- 꾸르노,스타켈버그

Markets Are Competitive

Game Theories - Sub game Perfect Nash Equilibrium, Mixed Strategies / 게임이론 - 서브게임 내쉬균형, 혼합전략

How to get higher score on TOEIC / 토익 고득점 팁

Stock,Bond and Derivative Markets

Game Theories - Nash Equilibrium / 게임이론 - 내쉬균형

Presentation Skills

A School in The Cloud

Asset Classes and Financial Instruments,’Investments’

Doozy English Words

Summary Skills

Game Theories - Introduction / 게임이론 - 기본개념

Risk and Risk Premiums, ‘Investments’

Simple Return and Log Return, 'Investments' 김대환 교수

How can the inefficiency of the minimum wage law can be viewed as a conflict between social and private interest?

'일본의 잃어버린 10년'이 한국에 주는 시사점