[Clash Royale] Announcement for TAEZAPRESENTS clanmates


Thanks for joining our clan.

This is a leader , Taeza

We are enormously delighted to be with you.

I'm afraid that I don't think I can check out your lovely questions or requirements on the mobile in real time.

There are some rules below

1. In order to get promoted You need to be active first, which means Try to donate cards as many as possible. If your trophy score is more than 2000 You are capable to be 'elder' class.

2. If you happen to beat me on the friendly battles, Automatically You will get promoted

3. Don't be hesitant to contact me

I would appreciate If you could possibly put your cherish comments here When you are keen to have a conversation with me

It would be nice to communicate with you all here.

Wish you all the best ,

Taeza Kim