It took bloody long time to reach the Challenger area!!

There was a horribly long recession between 3600 ~ 3800 trophies. 

Considering that My king tower level is 10, It needed pretty lots of efforts to go through that area ( And I made it )

I was there around the half of year.

I have tired loads of times re-organising my decks to get the higher score.

The moment which decided if I could join the challenger area
And I won the game

Such a fabulous moment. Really rewarding and Felt like a sense of achievement

Still Enjoying my unbelievable profile

I am afraid to carry on playing more rank games.
My score might drag me back to the previous area If I lose the next game .
Honestly That why i am posting and showing off here.

Just want to keep this mood here before getting a regression :(

PS Let me know If anyone wants to know my deck which brought me the challenger class.