Real example of Coase’s theorem

- Durham church, neighbors quietly settle noise dispute
A Durham church and nearby residents who complain that the church's services are too noisy have settled their dispute.
Residents of the Hills at Southpoint neighborhood in south Durham complained that amplified music and thumping bass from Newhope Church, at 7619 Fayetteville Road, can be heard inside their homes.
Church officials said they made several attempts to reduce the sound since 2011, including hiring sound engineers to run tests that concluded the sounds from the church were within limits set by the city. The church also has installed sound-absorbing material inside and plans a major renovation that would line offices along exterior walls to reduce noise levels outside further, officials said.
Lawyers for both sides told a judge Monday that they had come to a "mutually satisfactory" resolution to the dispute. Terms of the settlement weren't disclosed.
In March, a Durham County judge dismissed a criminal noise citation against the church when prosecutors asked for a delay in the case. That ruling has been appealed.

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